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To Bring ourselves and others to Christ and invitig everyone to: Come, Taste, and See The Faith of The Apostles


The Brotherhood of St George is a group of our dedicated men, under the chairmanship of Mr. John Judge and Mr. William Herman Miller,  who work together for the Glory of God in assisting the Clergy, the Parish Council, and the entiree Parish Family in fulfilling The mission of Our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ of living, proclaiming, and sharing His Gospel Message in our everyday life and minstry. This includes organizing spiritual discussion groups, monthly spiritual, educational, and social gatherings, outreach ministry, helping with the management, upkeep, and maintenanceof the Church Building and Parish Fellowship Hall as well as The Church Property, assisting the sisterhood, helping the clergy educate the youth, and assisting the Clergy with organizing retreats and pligrimages for our parish community.


The Brotherhood of St. George consists of dedicated and ageless workers who work together, supporting and assisting one another in fostering and nurturing a real brotherhood and unity in Christ, so that we can discover and grow into who God has created us to be. We draw from the sacred teachings of the Orthodox Christian faith which teaches us that God calls men to seek first the Kingdom of Heaven, while developing virtue, strength of character, and purity of heart. We strive to carry out God’s Will in our lives by coming together each month in prayer and in fellowship.


The purpose of The Brotherhood of St. George is to develop among the men throughout our parish a spirit of Christian leadership, awareness and commitment as taught in the Holy Orthodox Church; to foster among the men throughout our parish a genuine expression of love and service through works of charity; and to instill among the men throughout our parish and the community at large a sense of prayer, faith, fellowship and a deeper understanding of the faith, heritage, teachings, and traditions of the Orthodox Church.

Orthodox men have a special ministry in the life of a parish. Their role as messengers of the Gospel, teachers, and sustainers of the faith has been central to Church growth since the time of Christ. Our Brotherhood of St. George promotes religious, humanitarian, and social programs that affect the life and growth of our parish and community. As part of their outreach ministry, they participate in local and regional activities designed to raise awareness and funds for promotion of the ministry of the Gospel of Our Lord.

Some Areas that The Brotherhood of St. George will focus in on are as follows but not limited to:

- Main Focus is on Scripture and Spiritual

⁃ Pray Daily for one another, for our parish, and for our brothers and sisters here and throughout the world

- Visit a Monastery

⁃ Fellowship in Local Coffee Shop

⁃ Outreach Ministry

⁃  Monthly Gatherings

⁃ Lectures/Education

⁃ Orthodox Podcasts

⁃ Social Outing

⁃ Work at the Church and on  Church Property

⁃ Work together with Our Sisterhood…cleaning of church/Parish Fellowship Hall

⁃ Work on and address maintenance items and projects throughout the year

How do you join??? Just follow this easy recipe to see if you qualify. First you take faith, dedication and hard work; then sprinkle lots of love, laughter and affection.

For more details and information about The St. George Brotherhood or if you wish to be apart of The St. George Brotherhood, please see or contact John Judge or Bill Miller.  

May God bless and keep you always in His loving care.


St. George Orthodox Church
2 Nottingham Terrace; Buffalo, NY 14216

St. George Orthodox Church
2 Nottingham Terrace; Buffalo, NY 14216